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Maria Rekrut has been passionately and successfully assisting both Canadian, international internship students and various businesses on how to start their own business virtually.

Maria has been a member of various Chambers of Commerce. Maria was "Niagara On The Lake" (NOTL) Hydro Commissioner, and also sat on the NOTL Heritage Committee.  Maria has sat on many Boards of Directors. In 2014 Maria was nominated by the Niagara Falls Chamber of Commerce as Business Woman of the Year. Maria is passionate about Niagara and promotes it any way and any chance she can.

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Maria Rekrut started her business in New York City in 1982 as a virtual business model and continued using this model in Niagara since 1985 as Maria Rekrut & Associates and has continued to prosper in her  Business Development Practice as  Coach, Trainer and Program Developer for various business in the Niagara area and International businesses.    Maria Rekrut & Associates developed and delivered programs for Niagara College, Brock University, and University of Manitoba and many businesses world wide.

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