Niagara Business Development Group

Package 2:

This package 2 consist of three modules together. It consist of Module 1 which is in the first package along with Module 2 and Module 3. As previously described the first modules describe about the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur.

The Module 1 consist of:

  • Entrepreneurship and how it can be beneficial
  • The successful entrepreneurs’ life achievements
  • Abilities to become an entrepreneur
  • Skills used to become a successful entrepreneur
  • The research that should be made to become a successful entrepreneur

The Module 2 consist of:

  • Introduction of marketing
  • The different forms of marketing
  • The ways of becoming an expert in marketing
  • The detailed guideline of social marketing
  • The ways of establishing market share and establish a business
  • Learn about the different ways of strategized marketing with new technologies to run the business successfully

Along with this package, Module 3 is also included which consist of:

  • Introduction of business structure
  • Elaborate description of partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation etc
  • Importance of choosing an appropriate name to a company
  • Introduction of intellectual properties and its objectives
  • Different legal responsibilities as a business owner
  • Importance of registering a business along with the guidelines of performing registration

The price of this package is $299.

All these three modules you can get in one package. To buy this package please mail at  or  call at +001-289-273-5681.