Niagara Business Development Group

Package 3:

This package 3 consist of six modules together. It consist of Module 1 which is in the first package along with Module 2 and Module 3 which were in package 2. As previously described the first modules describe about the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. The second and third modules deal with social marketing and strategies of partnership in business.

​The 4th module deals with business banking and insurance and what are the procedures required in banking and also discussed elaborately about different categories of insurance.

The 5th module is all about strategic planing and a case study has also been included.

​The last but not the least is the last module where there are lot of instructions and many suggestions are also provided of how to become a successful entrepreneur. 

The price of this package is $599.

To purchase all the modules and to get more detailed information please feel free to mail at or call at +001-289-273-5681.