Niagara Business Development Group

Ever since I left the cooperation, Maria have been an excellent reference in getting fantastic jobs that helped me launch into my career, and broke grounds of obtaining the Canadian experience. Her impeccable support was also instrumental in getting my present job as a Supply Chain Associate with Home Depot. I am optimistic that more is yet to come , by the decision I made few years ago to work with NBDG. 

Thanks a lot Maria.

I am an ex-Intern of Niagara Business Development Group, a conglomerate owned by Maria Rekrut. Working as an Intern with this cooperation equipped me with the pedigree in launching into my career, after college. I learnt many business skills and concepts that can help expedite business processes into success. Maria was a multi-talented trainer, and mentor who was able to imbibe the principles of building blocks even when it seems impossible.

Our Interns- where are they now?